Vine plants : varieties and clones

Guillaume Nurseries multiplies over 160 wine-grape and table-grape varieties. Our list keeps expanding every year given to our vine-growing customers' increasing interest for the preservation of local old varieties or the use of new interesting ones when possible.

As for clones, our concern is to diversify our products as much as possible so as to maintain adequate genetic diversity. We aim at selecting the best quality clones by testing their aptitudes through yield measurements and micro-wine-making in our basic plant material vineyards.

Furthermore, we also carry out massal selection, either on our customers' request or on our own behalf, on varieties for which clonal selection fails to bring the solutions vine-growers expect.

The following varieties are sorted into groups of interest and use, but this list is not exhaustive :

Varieties spread worldwide
French regional varieties
New inter-varietal hybrids
European regional varieties

Table-grape varieties
Wine-grape and table-grape hybrid varieties