Plant protection




  To make pricking out and planting easier for you, Guillaume Nurseries has developed specific products to protect the young vines against pest and other physical strains.


Abri-plant : complete protection for young vine plants

It is designed to protect any type of plant against predators, herbicide droplets or the wind. Its lightness, flat packaging and easy assembling make it very handy. It is non-polluting and can be stored away without prior dismantling. Features: a 35 x 11 x 11 cm square section translucent tube. It should be fastened to two 60 cm-long stakes or bamboo prop .

Bamboo props: available in bundles of 1000 pieces from 6 to 8 mm in diameter.



Start-Plant : complete protection for vine plants

Designed and developed with exclusive rights by Guillaume Nurseries, Start-PlantÒ consists of a two-piece shell that can be easily dismantled. This product is usually delivered along with the plant and allows you to carry out your replacements very easily. Please refer to the Start-Plant © information sheet