Miscellaneous products


  Plantation composts : these composts are especially suitable for vine planting and pricking up due to their low fertilizer content and good water retention capacity. 70 litre bags.

Yellow peat :
an essential soil improver that helps aerate heavy or dense soils as well as increase water capacity during dry periods. 250 litre compressed bales.

Soluble fertilizers :
these fertilizers are intended for the planting of potted plants; they dissolve perfectly into the water without burning the leaves. 15 kg bags.

Progressive fertilizers :
these coated fertilizers in the form of capsules gradually release the nutrients the plant needs for its development throughout the season. 1000-capsule buckets.

Mycorrhizae : an innovative product made from cultivated mushrooms that form a symbiosis with the vine's roots, thus improving the plant's mineral take-up; in particular, we have noticed a positive effect against vine chlorosis.