Genetic selection


  Genetic selection is the basis for quality wine-making. This is because great wines are first made in the vineyard; that is why choosing quality vines and appropriate selections is of utmost importance to succeed. Guillaume Nurseries was among the first to take part in the French clonal selection effort and is still actively involved in the improvement of genetic selection for many varieties.


Clonal selection:

In France, clonal selection is carried out by ENTAV*. At first, the work was aimed at producing clones that would meet the agronomic issues of viticulture and that would be free of serious viral diseases such as vine deformation and leafroll. ENTAV, along with its regional partners, thus selected many clones for each of the major French varieties. The goals of clonal selection have changed in the past few years: newly acquired knowledge has proved the importance of the sanitary issue and production targets are closely linked to the quality of the grapes. As a result of all these efforts, Guillaume Nurseries is able to offer a broad range of clones suited to the different cultivating conditions.

* Etablissement national technique pour l'amélioration de la viticulture .


Massal selections:

In partnership with regional bodies such as ATVB and SICAVAC, we are able to offer healthy massal selections (screened for vine deformation and leafroll viruses) that meet your quality standards. Guillaume Nurseries also develops massal selections out of its own selection work. These selections are carried out according to three goals:

- to offer greater genetic diversity to wine-growers;
- to improve production quality;
- to ensure sanitary quality .



Customized selections:

We carry out customized massal selections according to each wine-grower's goals. Actually, many estates wish to distinguish themselves from the others by maintaining the original features of their production through genetic diversity.

The different steps are:
- choosing the plots to prospect according to age, origin, overall sanitary state…
- marking and assessing the vines;
- doing the sanitary tests;
- taking the plant material from the selected vines and propagating it.

We can also counsel you or even provide the support you need to carry out a "home-made" selection.