Guillaume Nurseries has its own analysis laboratory but it can also call upon the services of certified partner laboratories for specific analyses. We thus make it possible for our customers to do all the requisite tests before planting and later on in vegetative condition.
Soil analyses

This step is essential before the planting of the vine in order to know:
- the active limestone content which will determine which rootstock to choose;
- the soil's fertility and above all the organic matter content which will determine the type of organic soil improver needed before planting;
- the soil's physical features which will help to work out the appropriate management plan for successful planting (soil tillage, rootstock options);
- the chemical composition which provides information on the mineral elements content in order to make the necessary adjustments before planting .

Leaf analyses

Leaf analyses are used during vegetation to detect any deficiency that might be linked to an anomaly in the plant's growth. The analyses must be done at very specific stages and usually lead to quick correction of the detected deficiency.

Sanitary tests

The purpose of these tests is to detect pathologies caused either by viruses, phytoplasma or bacteria. The methods used are ELISA and PCR and must be performed by laboratories registered by the "Service de Protection des Végétaux" (Plant Protection Service). We control through this series of tests all of our plant material as well as the batches of plants before shipment. When we carry out genetic selections for our clients we always perform these tests to make sure we reject any contaminated plant material.