Advice and technical information

At Guillaume Nurseries we are very concerned with ensuring technical follow-up to our customers' projects. For successful planting, our team of qualified agricultural engineers is at your service to provide you with technical support on the field; we also have technical advice sheets at your disposal on your request : 
  Soil tilling and manuring

We can assist you in working out the best crop management plan and in choosing the most appropriate tools to carry through this essential step successfully .

Choosing your plant material

We can point out for you the rootstocks best suited to your project, based on the soil analyses and the type of product you seek. We will also provide all the information you need to help you choose your varieties and your clonal or massal selections.

Vineyard management

All the experience we have gained by working with the most prestigious vineyards of the world is at your service to help you manage your vineyard: density, trellising, trimming, sanitary protection, manuring, etc.

Please ask our marketing service for our technical advice sheets